30 For 30: Playing for the Mob

30 For 30 is back! The new season of 6 films began this past Tuesday with 30 For 30: Playing for the Mob — a gripping story of college basketball and the mafia. To be more specific, the Boston College point shaving scandal in 1978-79 that involved the real-life Goodfellas in Henry Hill and Jimmy Burke. As a fan of the movie (which I saw too young as a child, ha!) and all things basketball, I knew I would enjoy it… I just didn’t know I would enjoy it this much. Well-done doc on the story that actually features lengthy sit-downs with Henry Hill before his passing in 2012. They also hear the side of the story from BC guard Jim Sweeney and splice in the various, appropriate Goodfellas clips that refer to the real-life events stemming from this point shaving scandal. Crazy.

Here is the stream of the full documentary below, though I should warn you… don’t make it the absolute last thing you do at night. I finished this last night, passed out, then had a bad dream this morning. I’m putting sole blame on watching this 75 minute documentary about the mafia for that. Haha, enjoy!