Kiesza f/ Mick Jenkins “Losin’ My Mind”

A surprise match perhaps. Only perhaps if you’re unfamiliar that both Kiesza, the “Hideaway” breakout star, and Mick Jenkins, arguably the breakout Chicago emcee of 2014, are both signed by Cinematic Music Group. The two link up on “Losin’ My Mind” for Kiesza’s new single and it’s a must-listen.

Kiesza is on the verge of losing her mind and her sultry delivery makes the chorus stick well after the song has ended. The hip hop edge to the beat is obvious and makes for a natural backdrop for Mick Jenkins’ concluding verse, wherein he slyly name-drops Lamar Odom and Texas Hold’em in the same set of opening bars. I was hooked from then on and overall, we have an easy *Tibs Fav. and my pick for the song of the day on this busy Monday. Enjoy!

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