Childish Gambino ACL Full Set

This past weekend at Austin City Limits, Childish Gambino took the stage for just about an hour and the highlights were aplenty. Now, we can relive or watch for the first time above with the 50+ minute set. This was also the night he premiered the sweet and shocking new video for “Telegraph Ave” co-starring Jhene Aiko as these fans got to see it first at the abrupt end of the set (looks like ACL cut off Gambino mid song, then it goes into the music video).

More of the said highlights: Gambino performs new jams from S T N  M T N / Kauai (including probably my favorite track “The Palisades” circa the 24 minute mark) and about 5 minutes in briefly stopping the show so he can fix a fan’s phone from portrait recording to landscape. Presentation is key. #Respect.

Seriously… here’s the first person view: