Lupe & Fall Out Boy to remix “Only The Bulls”

Who can set the court on fire? ONLY THE BULLS
Keep ’em burnin’ with desire? ONLY THE BULLS
Who can bring another title here?
Who can thrill ’em, chill ’em, make ’em jump up and cheer?


I could have shared you those lyrics off the top if I wanted to. That’s because the classic Bulls pump up song “Only The Bulls” was set to highlight videos on local Bulls broadcasts during the Jordan glory years. Every 20-something and older Bulls fan could definitely say the same thing. Watch and listen. If you (somehow) need more motivation to press play, this is soooo 90s.

Andres Nocioni sighting!

Today “Only The Bulls” is relevant for 2 reasons:

1. We’re about to make the Cavs start out 0-2.
2. The exciting news that “Only The Bulls” is getting a 2014 update — a remix by Chicago’s own Lupe Fiasco & Fall Out Boy. The Chicago Tribune has the scoop on the song that will boast two verses from Lu and Fall Out Boy providing the instrumental and chorus.

AND, a music video is in the works with the Bulls roster.

Awesome. Maybe the video’s been done and they’re waiting for the home opener to drop it?? Maybe Derrick Rose finally dances in the video? Jokes, jokes… but do keep in tune with the site today and methinks you’ll be hearing some new Lupe one way or the other…

There is the technical aspect of the song, to get fans to stand up and put their hands up. I got that out of the way early. Then there’s the meaning and nostalgia of the original Bulls theme and then revamping it with new pieces and parts … I was trying to paint this painting in music of what I look at when I see the Bulls.

– Lupe Fiasco