Brain Hacks to Achieve Your Goals

My friend, fellow writer, and CTO of Factor75 (a meal delivery service company), Mark Moschel just wrote a great, easy-to-follow guide that we can all apply for ourselves!

Simply put, it’s a simple step-by-step way to form new habits and train yourself to improve your everyday life. It’s a quick, enlightening read and something that I can say first-hand works. I’ve been adopting meditating.

So check out an excerpt below and then proceed to the full article. No gimmicks (it’s all research based) and no money involved (unless you don’t write down 1 habit, then you owe Mark $10. Seriously, haha!). Enjoy, and…

Upgrade your Willpower!


By: Mark Moschel
At the end of this post, you will have built a failure-proof system to make one new habit stick.

Maneesh Sethi, founder of Pavlok and chief editor at Hack The System, spoke at the Bulletproof Conference about brain hacks to develop new habits. He dove deeper into the topic during a 2-day CreativeLive workshop shortly after.<

Below are my notes on hacking your brain to make forming new habits bullet-proof. This means, no matter your goal, you can apply these techniques to give yourself unstoppable willpower.

You have to participate though. What is one habit you want to adopt?

Exercise more? Meditate? Eat healthy?

Pick one and we’ll walk through the techniques together.

** Write it down on a piece of paper.

Click for the techniques and more!