Lance Stephenson buzzer beater vs. Hawks

More drama in Buzz City as this time it’s Lance Stephenson who sinks his first 3-pointer of the season to propel his new team to a victory in double OT vs. the Hawks. Lance gon’ Lance. Fitting after he said this to Grantland’s Zach Lowe in an interview earlier today.

On a lot of possessions, you’ll be on the weak side behind the 3-point line, someone will swing the ball to you, and you’ll be pretty wide open. But you don’t shoot. You like to hold the ball, survey the floor, and set up for a drive. You shot 35 percent from deep last year. Why don’t you just shoot? They’re good shots!

I’m gonna shoot.

So you’re aware there are some good looks you pass up?

I’m gonna shoot.

One more look via the Hornets IG account — a raw capture from the crowd. These high quality videos are dope. They’re 2 for 2 now, but no MJ in this one.

UPDATE: Whaaat?! The Hornets for some reason deleted the video :-/