Groupie Love: 12/10 Emporium Wicker Park (Vic Mensa + Smoko Ono)

Hosted by Neonpajamas (shout out to the Insta friend) at Emporium Wicker Park, Groupie Love featuring Vic Mensa and Smoko Ono along with Ebilla, Boathouse, and Gold Status is the place to be Wednesday, December 10th.

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Fuck the cold, come through and see what Chicago has been working with. Check back for full event coverage.


Performing under the name Groupie Love, Vic Mensa and Smoko Ono kept the spot lit on a Wednesday night. Featuring crowd favorites as well as some unreleased tracks from Vic’s upcoming EP, Streetlights, the duo kept the stage going as the crowd and stage got bigger. Big ups to all the dudes using their human tetris abilities, it’s not every day where 20 dudes can situate themselves comfortably on a tiny ass stage.

From listening to some of Vic’s new material, I am pleasantly surprised by how he is furthering his style and take on music. Although the tracks are very reminiscent of some of his older material, he is placing a new fresh spin on some old ideas. And with a vastly different sound than the stuff his fellow SAVEMONEY members are producing I say, let the boy cook. With his notable strides with top music artists, this new Vic Mensa, whatever the fuck that means, is branching out and giving us a small sample of some of his more revolutionary works.