Chicago Remix Project x KAKE “300”

To the young, creatives out there from the hometown, here’s a must-see video.

Our friends at KAKE sat down with Jason Eano, director of fundraising and development The Remix Project — a Toronto-based charity set on serving the youth who are trying to enter the creative industries and receive formal education.

One highlight from the video that I really resonate with is how The Remix Project has leaders and ambassadors of these classes that are really out in the community as a professional of their respective fields. As Eano explains, there’s a rare, entrepreneurial breed that they’re looking for in applicants, and together the teachers and students mesh well due to their authenticity and goal-oriented personalities. I really appreciate the set-up, program, and overall essence of The Remix Project and if you’re interested in receiving education, Eano says above that applications are out this month and the 9-month classes begin in February.

Sign-ups/more info:

The Remix Project has also received support from Drake, Jordan Brand, and Blackhawks star Dave Bolland. Plus, the charity’s ambassadors include Kendrick Lamar, Future The Prince, Noah “40” Shebib, Boi-1da, and Melanie Fiona amongst others.

One last highlight of the video is that KAKE illustrated what the Remix Project’s space in Pilsen’s Lacuna Lofts looks like. Eano cites the design’s use of everyday materials and furnishings like that of old CTA seating that creates a hip, energetic vibe for the space. The design buff in me certainly approves. Check it all out (+ more) above!

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