Lewis ‘No Daughters Are Safe’

My first wholly approved mixtape of 2015 comes in the form of LewisNo Daughters Are Safe, which actually saw release prior to the new year earlier this week.

The build-up to No Daughters Are Safe featured a random set of stand-alone single releases that featured dark and brooding tones that I’ve become accustomed to from Lewis’ work. You can already sense a cohesion if you’ve followed the songs since the fall, and whether you did or not, I highly suggest you dive in below.

No Daughters Are Safe is an eye-catching title (with now, eye-catching alternative artwork above) in itself and Lewis’ lyrics and production are much the same for the ear. Lewis has a knack for describing personal lows or dark moments in his life that I think we can all channel within ourselves. The album, self-produced as well, provides a fantastic, ever-changing backdrop for the unfiltered realness.

The end result is a blend of lyrics, tones, melodies, and booming instrumentals that I believe is on another level compared to mixes of fellow upcoming artists. There’s a clear Kanye influence that I think fans of the superstar artist will find welcoming as they start on track numero uno, “New Tribe / Matriarchs”. Of the non-previews, a standout record to me is “Heroine Symphony”, which personifies the blend I discuss above. Simply put, a job well-done by Lewis, with hopefully more edgy visuals to stem from No Daughters Are Safe to come into 2015.