Klassik “WINTER” EP

It is cold here in the Midwest. This time of year is hard on us creative types for a number of reasons including, the uncomfortable temperatures, the fact that it gets dark at 5:00pm and stays that way until 7:00am and usually there is not a lot of artists that want to come this way during these hard months while they are touring. Enter Klassik.

The Milwaukee native understands these things and decided to give us Midwest heads something to joyful for. Klassik released his first of four seasonal EP’s with his WINTER EP this week. The three track project” represents a period of the artistic journey that is marked by depression, isolation, and frustration. The goal is to encompass those feelings, but then transform them into hope for the return of joy, of love, and of brighter, warmer days.”

Bundle up, start a fire, and listen to Klassik’s WINTER EP right now and, be on the lookout for the next three EP’s when the seasons changes.