J. Ivy “Dream BIG”

Here’s J. Ivy embodying what MLK Day is all about.

It’s called “Dream BIG” and it’s a powerful, spoken word piece from his upcoming book, Dear Father: Breaking the Cycle of Pain, that’s in bookstores and online next Tuesday.

J really breaks it down like only he can, delivering a motivational message that, as you may assume from the title, centers around dreaming big and offering life tips along the way. For one, don’t hate on others’ success because you’ll get yours too. For another… how about the quotable below, extracted from the ending that is my favorite part of the piece. The visual matches and gives me chills as we zoom out on J. Ivy and reflect upon our own personal dreams.

Martin would be proud.

Can’t nobody stop you BUT you. Cause dreams don’t come true, they ARE true.