Majid Jordan “Forever”

Majid Jordan keeps it comin’ with their latest video of last summer’s 5-track EP, A Place Like This. And I was excited to see it was for my favorite song off my favorite R&B project of 2014: “Forever”.

This is different than the OVO duo’s previous set of visuals. I was expecting a dark edge or ultra clean, minimalist presentation, but the most upbeat song on the project instead gets a video that focuses on one very good dancer. Dude has the Usher glide down. (Can someone teach me this? I’ll pay.) The dancer keeps the same outfit around various cool places — some within nature, others showcasing amazing architecture as well whether it’s a church or a library.

I double enjoyed the video because the lyrics of the song just make you want to dance if you have that special someone you are crushing on and before the video, I didn’t think of that visualization. I guess I had a eureka moment by the end of the video.

I also had a throwback comparison to the “Forever” video… remember Dirty Vegas’ “Days Go By”, which is now almost 14 years old (fourteen!). I’m sure I’m not the only one who could draw the parallels.

Regardless, another superb direction for Majid Jordan’s latest video, this one coming by Common Good.


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