Lupe Fiasco interview + freestyle on Sway

We get a reflective Lupe Fiasco in one of his last interviews before he falls back from the spotlight after Tetsuo & Youth as he joins Sway in the Morning earlier today. In fact, he’s reflective in both the interview (below) and freestyle (above).

Lu literally tells the story of his various record deals and dealings in freestyle form, and does so impressively while leaving you intrigued for the next line. My favorite highlight of many: probably starting around the 3:45 mark. All over Souls of Mischief’s classic “93 Til Infinity”. Love that beat, but it also is pretty fast for a freestyle off the top. Lu adapts well though.

In the long sit-down below, Lupe is unfiltered and reflective about how Tetsuo & Youth came together, saying how he had about “7 soft ass songs” that Atlantic wanted for the album and when they all fell apart, the album that we have now started to come together. Lu calls Tetsuo & Youth a masterpiece and the more I listen, the more I have to agree.

More stories shine light on how “Choppa” came together (pretty funny anecdote in this one), the most Lupe’s talked about his beef with Kid Cudi and how they even met and were cool in the first place, and some more candid thoughts on the Chicago rap scene. I was trying to multitask while listening, but just stopped because I was so riveted with the interview. Press play and indulge for yourselves.

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