“Words I Never Said” on Colbert Report

Inspired by Lupe’s flawless performance of “Deliver” this past week on Late Night with Seth Meyers, as well as the overall impressive depth of Tetsuo & Youth, I did some exploring for more classic TV performances from Lupe.

I was actually going through the catalogue after many listens of T&Y this week and one favorite that still stands tall amongst the rest is “Words I Never Said”. I know Lu and Skylar performed this live but couldn’t quite remember where. It was, appropriately, on the Colbert Report.

Colbert’s following of political millennials was the perfect demo for Lu to passionately deliver WINS with Skylar equaling his effort on yet another one of her iconic hooks. Reliving this performance was a treat and inspired even more listens of the song and some of my *Tibs Favs. on Lasers. It’s only fitting that on the week Lupe used a national stage to deliver some thought-provoking lyricism (with…err… “Deliver”) that we recognize when he did just the same back in 2011.


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