Raury “PSA (Seven Suns)”

‘I hope one day my grand daughter still knows how to write.’ Enjoy My new FILM 🙂

Straight from Raury comes a new music video for “PSA (Seven Suns)” off his stellar debut project, Indigo Child. And you’ll definitely see something a little different than ever before because Raury and his crew care not for your… cell phones? It’s not hard to understand the statement after seeing to what extreme they go and for that overall, this is pretty cool even amidst a couple of questionable acts of violence, hah. Nah, but it’s still straight and in the process, Raury reveals a cool new ❤ logo and furthers his movement of indigos. For that alone too, this is pretty cool.

And for the record, the clips sampled at the beginning are another reminder to stay off your phones while driving. I used to text while driving until I realized how unsafe that was and we can all use a reminder like this too.