Kanye West “Only One” LIVE on Skavlan

Kanye continues his mini press/performance run out in Europe with a visit to Norweigan/Swedish talk show Skavlan and puts down perhaps his best rendition of “Only One” yet.

The platform Kanye stood on was singularly lit, then started changing form like it was the dress. (Hey, it’s timely. …I’ll never speak of it again.)

But this was seriously really cool and was the chief factor for the cleanest stage set up that Kanye has had for “Only One” yet. On top of that, he performed the song with the extra level of emotion you may expect. I love how he blended some words together in the second verse especially and the heavy use of autotune overall certainly works here. Straight up, it’s a must-see above.

BONUS: On my Friday night in, I went on a throwback Kanye live performance run on YouTube. Here are a couple videos that I was vibing with like I was seeing them for the first time.

“Blame Game” f/ John Legend at SXSW 2010 (I’ve actually never seen this.)

And “Power” on SNL when he debuted that new second verse that reigns even more powerfully than the other verses today (pun intended.) Sit back and enjoy ’em all!

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