Kleva “Migas” [Music Video]

Kleva is one of Houston’s rapid rising spitters. The Mexican-American emcee has always made it a priority to not only showcase the importance of his city’s music roots but as well as keep in mind the direction he wants to take H-Town’s rap scene through flash, wit, and unforgiving lyrical abilities. His latest visual is “Migas”, which comes off his 40’s N 6ixth project. Kleva describes Migas below.

“I just wanted to spit. I wanted to spit my ass off. The whole track was just a freestyle record at first, but after some discussion with my team we turned it into a full song w/ a hook. I was just venting some of my issues w/ rap in a therapeutic manner, but still having fun at the same time. I don’t take myself too serious. And so it went, MIGAS.” Says Kleva.