Yeezy Season 1 Pricing

Yeezy Season 1 is gonna cost ya…

Here’s the rundown via Highsnobiety who reports with confirmation:

Cutting right to the chase, the entry level clothing goods, which consists mainly of hoodies, sweatshirts and the like, will be priced around €390. The knitwear will begin at €800 and wind up in the neighborhood of €1,500. Moving on to the most expensive part of the collection, outerwear will start at around €1,600 and reach a staggering €3,500.

Footwear, on the other hand, is more reasonably priced. While the Yeezy 750 Boost was already released for $350, the Duck Boot will fetch €450. We can also confirm that the low-top knit sneaker is officially called the Yeezy 350 Boost and will retail for an attractive €190.

Accessory pricing is also quite exorbitant. A canvas backpack will cost fans €450, while a leather version is set at €650. A leather bag will run you a cool €800.

Ok, what!?! As an apt Kanye apologist, I have to say these prices are outrageous. I know Kanye has repeatedly said in interviews that he’s not happy with where the price points are and that he hopes to eventually make his collection widely available and affordable *deep breath* BUT c’mon, how can it be this far off? From my understanding this is an adidas decision based on the costs of production and other things, but the price points being this high just contradict Kanye’s intention.

It also perpetuates the classism is the new racism that Kanye continually speaks on because only a handful amount of people are going to be able to afford the collection and thereby be wearing an additional elitist aura. I 100% believe Kanye when he says he wants to make this affordable and that he’s unhappy with the price points, but I just think this first rollout and first impression should at least have found more of a happy medium. $350 for the Boosts alone is high enough that while I think they’d be dope to rock them, I am not necessarily comfortable doing so being they’re so expensive and limited. The rest of the collection being way upwards of that is on another level ($210 for the Yeezy 350 Boost Lows are at least reasonable. Converting Euros to U.S. dollars actually increases the numbers you see above.)

adidas had to be wary of the effect of these price points on Kanye’s intentions and I’m disappointed that ultimately they decided the prices were to be this high. There has to be a better compromise for Kanye’s words to carry more weight and eventually get down to more availability and affordability. Hopefully I can eat my words above sooner than later and perhaps more info and statements will come out now to aid in that. That’s just my initial reaction, what’s yours?