Kendrick Lamar “All Day” (Reference Track)

UPDATE: One seemingly final update as Kendrick’s full verse over “All Day” can now be heard across 48 seconds below. It’s all but confirmed that this was merely a reference track for Kanye to then devise his own lyrics to “All Day”. Still cool to imagine and fun to hear Kendrick over one of the best productions of the year.

h/t HHDX


UPDATE 04.09.15: Here is a longer snippet (20 seconds long) of Kendrick’s verse that’s kicked off speculation that this is a mere early demo version of “All Day”. We do know they worked together on the song in the first place so it definitely lines up after you hear the “Kanye” line that’s a little hard to decipher and the rough mix. Let’s hope for best case scenario though, shall we?


04.07.15: Sorry for the string of “?’s” at the end of headlines. But add this one to another likely development from tonite… Kendrick Lamar is set to feature on the upcoming, perhaps official “All Day (Remix)” seen via the people at Yeezy Talk. They even provided the briefest of snippets ever in blog history to confirm that at least Kendrick is rhyming over Kanye’s new hype single.

*inches towards edge of seat*


Sidebar: This is the most retweets I’ve ever seen on a tweet. Whoa.