The Weeknd Full Coachella Set

Since 2011, we have seen The Weeknd premiere as a dark, mysterious R&B singer from Toronto, with no photos to his name for months, to 2015 and a headlining set at Coachella.

His 2015 has already been off to a great start with the success of top 10 hit “Earned It” and as festival season truly kicks off this weekend in Cali, he has earnedĀ the prestige of headlining a night on the first weekend (no pun intended.)

The growth has been magnificent to see, as well as the Kiss Land Tour live so I know his set at Coachella was dope too. Thanks to the interwebs, we can watch the entire fullĀ Coachella set below and see him run through singles from all across his library. Billboard also called it a “breakthrough performance.” So with that, enjoy below!

This is the greatest night of my whole life. Nothing is better than this moment right here.