Jhene Aiko “Eternal Sunshine” (BTS)

Earlier this month, Jhene Aiko premiered an emotional new video for “Eternal Sunshine” that saw her reenacting the nearly tragic car accident she was involved in with her sister Miyoko, daughter Namiko, and Namiko’s father O’Ryan. Everyone survived and a couple years later, Jhene revisited the turning point for her art.

Below is a pretty close look via Billboard, narrated by Aiko, of the making of the video and the mental obstacles that she surely overcame to create the video.

We reenacted the car accident that I was in. I’m ascending from my body. I basically died in this video. Miyoko and Nami, my sister and my daughter… I got them to reenact their parts. I wasn’t driving in the real accident, but for the sake of the video I am. I was in the backseat.