Fabolous “The World is Yours Freestyle”

Gotta love the combo of Fabolous going over the Illmatic classic (and my favorite track off Nas’ iconic debut album) and the cover paying homage to emotionless Derrick Rose. The sting of the Bulls losing is still fresh here in Chicago but that moment will still live on unforgettably.

Rose is the cover subject because the punchline rapper name-drops him and his emotionless state in a highly bravado manner when it comes to approaching the ladies. You’ll put 2 and 2 together about halfway through to the quick-hitting Friday Night Freestyle from Fab below.

Also today, Fabolous talked with Billboard about his 90s freestyle series, the NBA, and more. I liked his insight into his organic creative process for these weekly drops as he actually records them every Friday. The snippet:

When you come up with a player punchline, what’s sort of the process of getting those references in?
Well I’m a big fan, so it’s always kind of in my vocabulary. In sports, I think it’s another relatable thing that even hip-hop fans or whoever can be in relation of. So when you speak it, they can get the punchline because they watch basketball, too. But the process of how I do it to make sure that it gets into a rap is pretty organic. It’s not like I look at it and say “alright, I’m gonna put it in.” It’s kind of like, I knew it, and if it fits in, just put it in.

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