Great to hear some new tunes from RDGLDGRN as the D.C. trio deliver on not only one, but two new tracks.

First, the intro to their upcoming album and a 3 minute stream of consciousness about the industry and more titled “No Pixar”. The title is indicative of the clever hook and message that not all is as it seems. I was vibing with Green’s mindset and lyricism on this minimalist track — the sound of which is a little more solemn than longtime fans may be used to.

The second track caught my eye while browsing their Facebook page. They simply posted this message:

This is a private link to a new song of ours. http://bit.ly/1HKyRGz
You have the right to keep this song for yourselves or share.
We wanna see yall Comments tho!

The track is titled “When I’m Alone” and it explores independence in a relatable way. I like this one a lot too as both are *Tibs Favs. The private track is a cool one too since it’s an exclusive to the dedicated fans and also gets people to follow them on Soundcloud for a free download. A win-win strategy if you ask me! Enjoy em both above.