Consequence f/ Lupe Fiasco & Chris Turner “Countdown”

Bars on bars on bars + Eric Turner from the Lasers days on the hook. UPDATE: Actually, it’s Chris Turner. But a good job, nonetheless!


These are ingredients for a *Tibs Fav. as “Countdown” is officially released today.

Cons kicks a tight flow to kick it off and combines with Turner on the hook. Lu drops some slick double entendres on the way to a smooth verse himself, with a couple NBA references I always enjoy: Ben Wallace and Shaq. Turner takes it home for a verse too but I’ll be rewinding for Cons and Lupe first and foremost. Enjoy!


05.24.15: Coming soon: a dope new collab from Consequence and Lupe Fiasco. These lyricists have yet to collab over the years, somehow, but now’s a good time as any. The trailer for “Countdown” already delivers a catchy beat and a very nice hook so it’s pretty much a guarantee that the rest of the track will be filled with complex bars. Looking forward to it.