Eminem “Phenomenal”

NEW Eminem as the lead single off the Southpaw soundtrack, teased a week or so ago in the new Beats By Dre commercial with Draymond Green, is now dropped off in full, and co-produced by Em himself and Luis Resto.

The way Marshall says “Phenomenal” is repetitive, and likely hit or miss, but it’s also reminiscent of his earlier work. I’ll have to see if it grows on me. The beat didn’t do too much for me until the additional synths in the 3rd verse. It was just background layers for Eminem to put down some motivational rhymes — the clear highlight of the track. It’s hard not to feel amped up at times and overall, Eminem’s flow is pretty solid with on a couple occasional hiccups (mid first verse?).

I suppose I leave slightly disappointed given that it sounded so cool in the trailer and commercial but this is also the type of Marshall Mathers song that can grow on me. Listen for yourselves below and expect some more new Eminem contributions, at the very least, on the Southpaw soundtrack in July — given that Em is executive producing it.