Kanye West SAIC speech (Highlights)

A few weeks ago, Kanye West received his honorary doctorate from SAIC — the School of the Art Institute — and today, the latter released their high quality, official highlight video of Kanye’s speech to the graduating students a day before the ceremony.

The quick 2 and a half minute video is filled with gems, namely this one that I transcribed that really resonated with me. And wow, what a statement on hip hop.

I feel that throughout time, as artists, our responsibility was to the truth ’cause how else could history be documented? How else could our time be represented? This time that we have. You know, who’s going to stand up and say, as a gentleman said earlier today, how it really is right now. Who’s going to express that? There was a time when hip hop expressed that. It doesn’t anymore. That is the privilege of art… to express exactly what you feel, and to never lose that.

– Kanye West

Definitely watch this for more than that quote above.

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