Nylo “I Use”

Great to hear a new tune from Chicago singer/songwriter Nylo, who really delivers on “I Use”, and describes the story of how it almost never came out (below). Thankfully, it did because I really vibe with the haunting production and her emotional vocals that make a seamless mix. The proper string section she proposes would make this song jump another level, true, but live. I hope she performs this with that string section for our first impression of “I Use” with that. Otherwise, she self-produced this and it really impacts. I only think that she could have added even more to the ending, but it doesn’t hold back an otherwise immediate add to your dark R&B rotation. Enjoy!

*Tibs Fav.

“Love is simple, but life is complicated… and everything I hoped I could do to keep you were the very things that ended up pushing you away. It seems love and fear are derivatives of the same emotion; sometimes the two become distorted along the way and its hard to know whats what anymore.

I recorded this song in my bedroom between the hours of 2am and 7am and held onto the session hoping I would be able to at some point hire a proper string section and producer to help me bring it to life. A couple months ago, I lost the only copy of the session when a hard drive of mine died… in my mind the song was lost forever because I knew it would never be the same and I took that as a sign that it wasn’t supposed to be shared… but maybe instead it was just a sign I was supposed to leave it alone and share it as is. So… yea. May it be used.”

– Nylo