Golden Rules f/ Yasiin Bey “Never Die”

Yasiin Bey, aka Mos Def, shines in his new feature on UK artist Golden Rules’ new single “Never Die”. Accompanied by a horn section on the production, Yasiin puts down some thought-provoking words that’s really driven home with the ending (love that.) An easy add to the rotation, so scroll below to listen and follow along with Mos’ verse as well.

*Tibs Fav.

Mos Def’s verse:

they say the chief of the tribe took a handsome bribe
now his face is everywhere but he’s hard to find
super prime, on the grind, in the modern times
gains from the game in exchange for a sober mind
and young’un you can hug the block, but it won’t hug back
until it do, and it squeeze and your spine go snap
like feet chasing paper then his lungs just collapse
ain’t no freedom at the trap, it’s as simple as that
pay a hater no mind, because that don’t matter
why whip slaves when you can just kill master?
slaves getting brave to guard masters’ interests.
they too shall feel it once we snap the clip in
so no threats only oaths, get well or catch hell
shop open get dosed, medina hours baby, we never close
and how ever the banks go this balance don’t broke
salaam folks

h/t OKP via Complex