Cloud@Last “No Love For A Beach”

Catching up with the NYC duo, Cloud@Last, we get some perfect vibes for the weekend with their new release of “No Love For A Beach”.

The vibe is a little happier and uptempo compared to some of Cloud’s recent releases and I’m A-OK with that. The original is an instant *Tibs Fav. with an infectious production and 80s style synths and vocals. At least that’s what it reminds me of and I love that stuff.

“No Love For A Beach” continues with 3 more remixes, which actually makes it all feel like a continuous track for 12 minutes or so. When I say perfect vibes for the weekend, that includes EDM fans because there’s some drops or elements of the sound in the remixes.

As a matter of fact, I’m downloading this all… it’ll especially fit the Cali vibes I’m on out here. Neverlasting album coming soon.