Eminem f/ Gwen Stefani “Kings Never Die”

UPDATE: The official audio below. Available on iTunes with a pre-order of the Southpaw soundtrack. Produced by DJ Khalil.


07.02.15: The most eye-catching song off the upcoming Southpaw soundtrack on paper is Eminem’s collab with Gwen Stefani and now it can be heard below.

Following the underdog theme of the movie, and of Eminem’s entire life, he spits more motivational rhymes in between the chorus from Gwen. The combo works just as well as when Eminem has a female singer on any hook and Gwen’s distinct vocals are evident right away. They’re also right at home over the rock production from DJ Khalil. I feel like Eminem should stray away from this sound in general, but on “Kings Never Die” it works.

The highlight of the track, which will likely grow on me like “Phenomenal” did, is the 3rd verse. It’s a technical display of beauty from Marshall and immediately on the top tier of recent efforts on that alone. Follow along to his words that you’ll undoubtedly relate to as well and hopefully we’ll hear this impact the radio, even if it’s not tailor-made for it.

*Tibs Fav.