Lewis Allen “Everyone Is Lying To You”


It’s always refreshing to hear new music from Lewis, especially when it’s presented as a ball of frustration like the 3 minutes of straight raps in “Everyone Is Lying To You”. For this one, Lewis is inspired by the media, culture, and the music industry as to how they present news, who’s hot, and how Lewis perceives it: as all lies. There’s a lot of good points here and at the very least, you gotta appreciate the harbored and channeled anger that he delivers this with.

And oh, there are some clever lines and technical highlights throughout. The whole True Detective Matt McConaughey stanza at the end so press play and tune in all the way through.

*Tibs Fav.

Envision the forest after a rainstorm.
Steam from the evaporating water in the tropical air.
Muddy distortion
Rage of the gorilla
Pure thoughts

I don’t really fuck with peace if it isn’t real. I find myself in situations where people try to put a front on to keep things neutral but nothing gets solved that way. I sit back and watch the cycle of what the media and world talk about and find important and its usually nothing to me. I don’t believe shit anymore.

(This song will not appear on DAGGERWOLF)