SEVN Thomas “GLADHE8HER ϟϟϟ”

I don’t know too much about SEVN Thomas except that his breakout production (with Boi-1da & Frank Dukes) on IYRTITL for “10 Bands” was one of the hottest beats/songs this year. It’s in the top tier of songs off that project for me, that’s for sure.

Then I saw the Gladiator song title and eye-catching artwork and I had to check out his newest release this weekend. This one doesn’t disappoint too. It’s an instant download in fact as the main melody is simply captivating. Whoo, if Drizzy or someone slick rapped on this…

felt like putting this out.
seems like i’ve been missing.
this beat is 1/1 cuz i’v been experimenting with other shit.
thanks for finding me and saving my life with this music shit.



*Tibs Fav.

h/t 2DB