Goodbye Tomorrow f/ Lil Herb “NoOne or NoThing”

₩hø w⃔e a͓re͢ në̳ver ¢han⃡ges͎, wh⃜ø we⃕ thi̊nk͓ we a®e ₫œs

This sets up the framework for Goodbye Tomorrow‘s latest release “NoOne or NoThing” with the Chicago mystery artist’s only feature to date: Lil Herb. GT didn’t have to look far for a rapper who is a perfect fit and of unique contrast just the same.

It’s Herb who kicks it off over a laid-back production that’s tailor made for his style. His particular delivery and reflective lyrics further set the tone and ultimately prove as a warmup for more bars to come.

Goodbye Tomorrow shows another side to his style by singing a smooth, prideful hook that we can hopefully all relate to: never changing for someone or something. And hey, you’ll hear here that that’s where the song title directly derives from.

He then puts down an ultra long verse that starts off with a spoken word esque telling of a conversation with his mother. Next flows a flurry of thought-provoking words that only escalates as the production turns up a notch and concurrently ups GT’s intensity (probably my favorite part of the song.) There are too many deep gems to list here so I’ll merely note the references to Goodbye Tomorrow’s last song/visual “Pray 2 God” and a further explanation of that video’s “Only U Define U” motif.

Don’t click away when the music literally comes to a standstill after the last hook. After this sick drop, Herbo comes back in with a boastful, intense outro verse, delivered with the punch it deserves. Turn this part up even louder too to get the full experience of the banger.

And that’s it. 5 minutes of high quality Chicago hip hop. I’m running it back over and over because G Herbo and G Tomorrow make for as good a Chicago pairing as D. Rose and Jimmy Butler. All-stars runnin’ the show.

*Tibs Fav.

The artwork: One of the reasons why Goodbye Tomorrow is one of the new artists, anywhere, that I’m excited for is the attention to detail in the design. Take a moment to digest the @goodbyetomorrow Instagram for the full picture. Have you ever seen anything like that?

And then note in the artwork that one of the MS Paint files, the one with the beautifully pixilated Chicago skyline, is labeled ‘AJTTMOANB_081415’. Knowing GT, that’s a sign that something (a video, album, new Windows operating system??) is to come in just a few weeks on August 14th. Just remember, and seek out more connections like today’s when that date indeed arrives.

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h/t FSD