Empathy Test “Here Is The Place (BLSHS Remix)”

The time is about right for the U.K. synth-pop duo to deliver on their Throwing Stones Remixed EP after the stellar original was released throughout 2014. Up first this summer is the band BLSHS remixing the originally chilling “Here Is The Place”. The all-new rendition below features a lighter, synth disco mix and works as the fresh new edition the artists were certainly intending. I particularly love how the sound wraps up so stay tuned all the way through to the end.

*Tibs Fav.

BONUS: The other preview of Throwing Stones Remixed dropped a couple weeks ago and can be heard below as I turn in my late pass. I loved “Hope For Me” more than “Here Is The Place” and now appreciate this high-octane remix that I feel like I’d hear in a stealth scene in an action movie. *Tibs Fav. as well.