James Horner “A Long Road Back”


Earlier this week, I finally caught my screening of Southpaw and came away from the movie feeling the emotional gauntlet. That’s a good thing, you should go experience it too. If you know from the premise, you can simply imagine.

You can also probably assume the emotions from one look at the Southpaw soundtrack, and namely Eminem’s high-profile contributions (stream it all below.)

However, adding to the soundtrack in the film was the score by the late James Horner. The legendary composer and producer passed away last month in a tragic plane crash. The first image you see before the end credits is in fact a tribute to Horner. Up above, I found and highlighted one of the standout sounds from Horner — “A Long Road Back”. Simply from the title, you can place where this was in the film. If you do go out and see it this weekend, also note the subtle sound during an emotional conversation between Gyllenhaal and Forest Whitaker when they’re sitting, slumped in front of their training ring. Just as chilling. Thank you for your contributions, Mr. Horner. R.I.P.