Lupe Fiasco “LAW (LoveAllWays)” f/ SimonSayz

a.k.a. Drizzy’s Law!

You may recall the Tetsuo & Youth Preview Tour way back in the late fall of 2013? If not, refresh yourself! You’re already here, relive one of my in-depth reviews (a 9.3!)

Well, it’s notable tonight because Lupe dropped an unreleased track we were all hotly anticipating back then, almost 2 full years ago now. He performed “Drizzy’s Law” all around the country and now we finally get the final product… out of nowhere, tonight.

Now titled “LAW (LoveAllWays)”, the addicting beat by Floss & Flame backs Lupe and SimonSayz through a relatable tale of love. It’s not the Lupe you’re used to, but I think he executes it well. I especially enjoyed the verses up until the last one — just thought it could have ended without it, but bonus rhymes are bonus rhymes.

P.S. As a fan of the Bourne trilogy, probably my favorite of all movie trilogies, I appreciated Lu’s slick reference there. Keep your ears perked, see if you can relate, and certainly groove with this in the rotation. Probably not peak Lupe, but definitely strong enough for me and a *Tibs Fav. rating.

Lupe Fiasco performing Drizzy’s Law in November, 2013 #TBT

BONUS #TBT: Lupe Fiasco talks with Gowhere: PHX — at least press play to hear his drop for us at the beginning 🙂