Goodbye Tomorrow “Goodbye Tomorrow”

The song, Goodbye Tomorrow, from the artist Goodbye Tomorrow, off the album, Goodbye Tomorrow.

Bre⃕ak͛ ₫øwn 2 b⃔rëak⃑ ₮hrü̠̠

Just a day after revealing the album is called such, with the sub-title of A Journey Through The Mind of a Non-Believer, we get to hear a little preview of said journey. The Chicago act also revealed yesterday (creatively on their snapchat) that “Goodbye Tomorrow” is track 03 on the album (dropping next week August 14th) following the aggressive “JAY Z” that marked the artist’s first splash onto the scene.

This track is probably even more aggressive.

That should be a cue to have the volume all the way up. Right off the bat, a powerful, cinematic production reels you in. Then we hear the rapper, bravado on 10, about to hit the clubs and even commenting on his hometown along the way.

I’m that n**** greatest ever only saying this
Cause I could die ‘fore I can, they shootin’ everyday and shit.

Verse 2 continues to illustrate a spiral towards drugs and the club life. Pretty clearly in fact. In between the verses, a new male singer is revealed on the chorus (similar to that of “Pray 2 God”). It contains a catchy melody and the words that relate to the verses, but which can also be applied differently as just pure motivation. I could see this hook stuck in the mind of a basketball player, for instance.

You’ll notice the track clocks in at over 6 minutes. Don’t let the length hold you back because, as with all of their releases to date, Goodbye Tomorrow’s production is an engaging, ever-changing, layer-filled ride that’s probably most clearly seen here. Halfway through, the beat becomes methodical and helps tell the story of the rapper’s night out. The whole latter half of the song describes the latter end of the party with the cinematic 45 second outro closing out the night for good.

The simple note, seen on another amazing single art above, “Bre⃕ak͛ ₫øwn 2 b⃔rëak⃑ ₮hrü̠̠” carries some extra weight now, doesn’t it? Where does Goodbye Tomorrow go on Track 04 (and beyond)? My money’s on up. We don’t have much longer to wait and see… again, August 14th: the debut album.

*Tibs Fav.

UPDATE: Here is the album art + tracklist! (via 2db)


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