Vic Spencer “Uppercut Facility”

Vic Spencer dishes out a knockout in this latest gem “Uppercut Facility” as he sets out to drop this single in commemoration of his first project a few years ago. More below.

Today marks 3 years since Vic Spencer dropped The Walk Away Music, which solidified him to be one of the most lyrical Chicago artist the world has seen. To celebrate, he decided to drop Uppercut Facility, a gumbo pot with 4 of Alchemist beats from his latest beat tape called Retarded Alligator Beats and the classic Vic Spencer flow that has made him the MC that he is today: Street, Hardcore and his signature move: sending shots. I saw Spencer tweet to Alchemist that he had heard the new beat tape and it made his eyes watery and how he was going to make his own “The Myth”, a record that Styles P did over 4 Alchemist beats off P’s EP The Diamond Life. And that’s exactly what he did.

“The Walk Away Music been my favorite album for a long time, THEN I made The Cost of Victory and now that’s my favorite album”, Vic says during a phone call about this Soundcloud exclusive. “I just want Alchemist proud. Can anyone get this record over to Alchemist?????? I want to really work with him, I know he’s aware of the music so only time will tell”, Spencer added.

Somebody please deliver Vic’s message so I can see him make it big. He really deserves it, his time is next literally. He never let us down musically. Call the bus driver that gave that brutal uppercut to that girl and it went viral. Vic will be star in his own right regardless.