Goodbye Tomorrow “The Way”

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*Tibs Fav.

The Chicago collective Goodbye Tomorrow has really heated up as the summer has too, and “The Way” is the latest, and likely final preview of their debut album dropping this Friday — Goodbye Tomorrow: A Journey Through The Mind of a Non-Believer.

The rapper of Goodbye Tomorrow, having showcased his lyrical versatility to this point in a variety of ways, is perhaps his most engaging on “The Way”.

I need an open door, I’m lookin for an exit route.
Really I just wanna make my momma ex’ra proud!

There are a number of relatable quotables like this one throughout his verses, and that’s not even considering the most catchy part: the post-hook that repeats “All I care about is money, bitches, weed, and rap, n****.”

The climax of the track, to me though, is the rising intensity in the last verse after a clever reference to an idol part way through. You can sense his theraputic release, which is made even more clear by the raw, conversational word choice. I can imagine this part translating well live too. Just one more core reason why I think new listeners will be able to relate.

Need others? An uncredited female vocalist also appears on the harmonic, layered chorus. Given her previous work with Goodbye Tomorrow on the “Pray 2 God” video, Yasmine from Krewella fits the description both logically and sonically. Between her addition, another superb chilled out production, and the intense breakdown in an extended outro, “The Way” feels like a complete song. Goodbye Tomorrow is batting a perfect 1.000 in that arena so far so I hope you’re not sleeping before Friday (and beyond.)


Accompanying the song release is an in-depth profile on DJ Booth, written by Nathan S. @refinedhype. The latter deserves a lot of props for his presentation of what’s a fascinating full read that confirms some speculation about the mystery artist.

For one, we can stop guessing if Goodbye Tomorrow is a person… or even a group.

“Goodbye Tomorrow is more of an idea, a constantly shifting crew of musicians, photographers, computer programmers, designers and more, all united by their desire to make art that transcends ego.” 

It’s one thing to hear and see the mentality of Goodbye Tomorrow in their art, but to also read it from them directly, in interview form, should further resonate with fans looking to find out more about one of literally hundreds of new artists they could care about.

No doubt after reading this, and digesting their releases so far, Goodbye Tomorrow is bringing a fresh perspective and highly intelligent approach to the game. I believe that will translate to great longevity and just moving culture as their message continues to spread.

Here’s one more quote to get you hyped, yet to underscore again, it still doesn’t do full justice to the full read: here.

“It’s about the collective nature of humanity,” they said. “What’s possible when we get rid of the me-me-me bullshit. Everything’s so me focused, so look at me, and hip-hop’s a microcosm of that, but that attitude is everywhere. Our whole idea is to get rid of that. Our message is the power we have that we can take back and claim, to get over the bullshit that divides us.”

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h/t DJ Booth