Cloud@Last “With Us”

Throughout the past few months, I’ve highlighted some fresh original songs and remixes by new NYC production duo Cloud@Last.

Now, they’re prime for their debut album and make a splash with the project’s first official single below — “With Us”.

They’re really a breath of fresh air for chillwave enthusiasts. I feel like their music just appeals to the casual listener and you can find the right mood to vibe with the predominant instrumentals. For me, it’s windows down at sunset.

That’s fitting for this particular single too as the soft, high-pitched vocals encourage the sig other to go… any place you wanna go. What person can’t relate to that? The smooth overall sound also features some engaging hills and valleys for the ride. It’s a free download, so you can pop it into your Apple Music asap. I’ve done just that and am on repeat #3 and counting…

Look out for more from Cloud@Last and their debut album Neverlasting, out in 2 weeks. So you’ll hear/see more very soon.

*Tibs Fav.

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