SG Lewis “Warm”

My new favorite show of the summer is HBO’s Ballers starring Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson. If you’re an Entourage fan, then no doubt you’ll enjoy the high life focus for the NFL world, not to mention the high comedy and compelling supporting characters and storylines.

Like Entourage, the show’s soundtrack is a cutting-edge mix of hip hop anthems with new rappers and singers ready to break onto the scene. In fact, music supervisor Scott Vener, who helmed Entourage’s music, also runs Ballers. He picked a gem here for the end credits of episode 7 from UK singer SG Lewis.

“Warm” isn’t a warm, happy go lucky song. No. Instead, the opposite really. It’s got a chilling, thumping, midtempo and fits along an alternative R&B vibe. I can see myself crusing to this one with in my most meditative, reflective moments. SG Lewis continues that mood with some compelling lyrics and his overall unique voice. Both the vocals and production are instantly engaging and needless to say, this is a *Tibs Fav. and an instant add to my rotation.

Let’s just say too I was quick to Shazam the song while the credits rolled. You can actually watch the scene below. Slight spoilers, but not really. If you start the series from the top, this won’t give anything away. Again, “Warm” is the perfect fit for the contemplative mood.

Ballers continues tonight on HBO by the way (10pm ET). If you tune in tonight, you’ll be on the second to last episode so proceed at your preference. It’s easy to binge-watch and I started and caught up in just two days!