How NBA logos have evolved

*bump* This GIF remains cool and is relevant once again today because of the release of Zach Lowe’s Definitive NBA Logo Rankings. The GIF drives home the results ::hint hint:: 

There are some really cool news nuggets and backstories to go along with Zach’s expert commentary though so definitely give it a read if you clicked to see this. I’m on board with his order almost to the tee too… swap Miami and Atlanta and we’re good.


07.11.15: Saw this making its viral rounds on Twitter today and it was too cool not to post. Check out the hometown Bulls holdin’ it down, ha!


And hey, while you’re here, here’s some Day 1 Vegas Summer League Highlights. The Wolves-Lakers game was highly entertaining with #1 overall pick Karl-Anthony Towns and #2 overall pick D’Angelo Russell showing some promising flashes. 2nd year guards Zach LaVine and Jordan Clarkson had their own host of highlights as well, in addition to leading their teams in scoring. My yearly reminder that summer league is great.