History of Rap 6 (Fallon & Timberlake)

The bromance continues as Jimmy and Justin reunite for History of Rap 6 and ICYMI you gotta check it out above. Of course they mix in classics and current hits. I won’t spoil too much, but there’s some ‘Ye & Jay, Kendrick, Drake, R. Kelly, and even Fetty Wap. JT puts down a pretty damn good impression too.

Later in the show, Fallon brought back the Lip Sync Battle as well and his opponent was none other than Ellen. Jimmy does the whip x nae nae and Ellen channels some BadGalRiRi.

After the taping this afternoon, Fallon & Timberlake went down to the US Open to watch Roger Federer advance to the semifinals. During a changeover, they were put on the video board and went into and impromptu “Single Ladies” dance. Entertaining stuff from these guys all day, huh.