Rita Ora f/ Chris Brown on Jimmy Kimmel Live

This Rita Ora single jumped another level of catchy after tonight’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. She and Chris Brown performed “Body On Me” and as you can see above/below, they provided a live preview of the music video. Plus, it was cool how Rita and eventually Chris were walking through different parts of the stage area, with that lounge area off to the side too. Visuals aside though, that chorus does grow on you and Rita’s live vocals are strong when she wants to flex ’em.

Also below, Rita Ora contributed a bonus segment singing a new song “The Clickbait Song”. The comedic record actually sounds catchy as hell too and if you press play on this and have it on in the background, I’m sure it’ll blend pretty seamlessly in the playlist. You’ll at least get a few double takes from your friends.

Unrelated to Ora, but also on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night… U.S. Airman Spencer Stone, who returned from France a hero recently by stopping a terrorist attack on a train.

He walks through his galvanizing story and gets surprised by Jimmy and even Golden State Warriors all-star guard Klay Thompson. Great, heartwarming stuff as we join in to salute his efforts for saving the lives of those on that train.