Stephen “Remembering Myself”

Stephen is a new artist, re-emerging after early success 2 years ago, with a new single called “Remembering Myself”. He sings and produces the song, which blurs a variety of genres. I feel it’s a combo of R&B, acoustic, and EDM, that you’ll hear on the hook. In fact, that’s my favorite highlight of the track. The EDM pulsates at a perfect balance as Stephen sings about his journey of self discovery. As such, the lyrics as a whole carry some weight and high relatability potential.

This is the debut single for Stephen’s upcoming project to be released through the new label Halfway House out in L.A. — keep in tune with both so you don’t miss the next one. It’s already steady in my rotation and will find a home in a new Spotify playlist I’m working on too.

*Tibs Fav.

h/t TSIS