Lewis Allen “Vultures”

The latest from Lewis concludes his S/S ’15 collection as “Vultures” punctuates more of the dark vibes and outspoken lyricism on display. Lewis exudes attitude on this one specifically.. in a motivational and explicit “give no fucks” fashion. Change the pace of your workout playlist with this one and you may put up a couple more reps.

This ending though too… the latter third feels like an extended outro that fittingly concludes all of this season’s new releases. You can listen to “Vultures” below (produced by JEllis), get the full picture from Lewis himself, and then stream the entire S/S ’15 collection down bottom. Up next: Daggerwolf.

Driving at night alone on the winding back roads sheltered from the light of the moon by trees

My location is The Woods. In these woods, people can’t seem to make their own plate, they wait for failure before they feast off the flesh of others. The feeling of tugging at your ankles only to look down and see the beak of a winged carnivorous angel of death with its only desire to see you fall to your death for dinner. Be wary of these niggas, for these niggas will clap and applaud when they realize you are no longer within reach but have been praying on your downfall from the beginning. Be wary of these niggas that say they are with you, for as much as I’d like to believe an oath is bond, not everyone sees their words with much weight. Loyalty isn’t everything unless you make it everything. Drive faster through these woods, you can escape the climb. The Daggerwolf will protect you.