Miguel performs acoustic for Make Room

did a private living-room concert to benefit Make Room and raise awareness about the housing rental crisis. Learn more: makeroomusa.org

– Miguel

Good music and more importantly for a good cause. Miguel visited a home outside Detroit and performed in the living room for Make Room and a single mom in need. Miguel prefaced this acoustic version of “Coffee” by saying that he grew up in a single mother home and that drew his motivation to spread awareness and see these folks in person. Good stuff, and a laid-back twist on one of my favorite songs from Wildheart. Watch/click above.

UPDATE: Turns out there’s more. “What’s Normal Anyway” is even more powerful given the concept (you’ll dig from his explanation). This one’s up there on the top tier of Wildheart tracks for me too. Then, Miguel concludes with one of his past singles: “Adorn”.