Clarity x Rapture x Crew Love (MashUp)


I can’t even remember how I found this initially, just that it was another superb autoplay pick on Soundcloud.

Zedd’s “Clarity”, iiO’s “Rapture”, and Drake & The Weeknd’s “Crew Love” all in one really solid mashup by J. Espinosa below. The female vocals of the first two lace the ominous “Crew Love” beat and it really works. Plus, it’s catchy. “Why are you my remedy?” will be stuck in your head the rest of the day. Only slight disappointment: The Weeknd’s hook (or Drkae’s verses for that matter) were omitted. I feel like that would have flowed well with the ladies, but hey, can always just spin back the original. Do that for all of these songs and the mashup below:

*Tibs Fav.