Jeremy Scott: I brought Kanye to adidas

You know how IRL so many things happen from introducing someone to somebody? A job, relationship, those sorts of big things?

Well, same thing here except the names involved are Jeremy Scott bringing Kanye West to adidas. The quotes, said to Complex Style:

“I’m the person who brought [Kanye West] to adidas. It was back, maybe in 2009, 2008, when he was so excited by the line, and he conveyed to me that passionately wanted to do something with them.”

(Thank you, Jeremy Scott, for your help in giving us the world Yeezy Boosts.)

Plus, this last quote from Scott is just a general motivator to know your worth!

“It’s a rare occasion that I give any designs prior to accepting a job,” admits Scott. “I don’t know, I’m very precious with my stuff, and honestly, I shouldn’t have to audition. I’m a proven commodity,” he says. “If you want to work with me you should trust that I’m going to give you the best. Whatever that is going to be you need to trust that it’s the best. Because if I’m doing it full on, it’s going to be 100%.”