NBA 2K16 MyCareer Trailer

The A-list acquisition for NBA 2K this season is acclaimed film director Spike Lee.

The slogan Be The Story was definitely going to connect Spike and 2K’s amazing in-depth MyCareer mode where you create a player and go through the journey from rookie to hall of fame legend.

This year, it looks like you’ll have some off the court drama, thanks to Spike’s direction. The trailer above looks like it’s a movie… even the beginning of a 30 For 30, ha. And I’m all for pushing the envelope. The darker turn towards “blood sucking leeches” and the business that goes along with being a superstar is something that no one has explored in this format. Spike’s the man to bring it to life so if you’re looking for one more reason to cop the new 2K later this month, look no further than above.

UPDATE: MyCareer this year will indeed take you down the off-court path but for basketball and sponsorship reasons too. The entertaining Chris Smoove breaks it down and reveals a “Choose Your Own Off Days” new feature of sorts. Put in extra practice, do local appearances, fulfill (and chase) brand endorsements, or make connections with NBA all-star peers and legends. Wow. Next level!